Missing Link (2019)

Missing Link is the 5th film from Laika studio and the 3rd of their films that I have had the pleasure to work on. This time around I was in the Visual Effects department as a Roto Paint Artist. I removed rigs from stop motion footage, removed seams from the faces of stop motion puppets, digitally removed dust from puppets, repaired “chatter” from replacement animation faces, all the while working in stereo so all work had to be consistent in both the left and right channels. Time to put on your 3D glassess! 


grover render 2.jpg

NEON BLUE (Work in progress)

Neon Blue is my passion project that I work on when I get home from work. I wrote it, I am producing it, and I am directing it. It is a short film set in an alternate version of 1982 where robots live among us. A boy and a robot are on the run in this retro-futuristic animated adventure. Inspired by my time at Laika, this project utilizes miniature sets I have built by hand and all the characters are computer generated.



Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (2017)

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time is a bonkers sci-fi feature directed by my twin brother Rob. As a Visual Effects Producer on that film one of the things I created was the “Stryker Ship” with only a drawing on a napkin as a reference. It was modeled, textured, and rendered in Maya and then composited into footage with After Effects.


Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

Kubo and the Two Strings is a dark stop motion Japanese fable created at Laika studio. On this film I worked in the Rapid Prototype department. We used 3D printers to create the replacement faces for stop motion puppets. On this film Laika did pioneering work with a new color resin printer that was used to create the faces for the Monkey and Beetle characters, making them look different in texture to the human characters that were printed on the same powder based printers that were used on The Boxtrolls and ParaNorman.


The Boxtrolls (2014)

The Boxtrolls was the 3rd film from Laika studio. I got hired onto this film because I took a class on 3D printing and I fell in love with the technology. For my final assignment in that class I created my own stop motion puppet with split replacement faces because Coraline had been so inspiring to me. While I was in that class I applied to work in the Laika department that did 3D printing: Rapid Prototype. I got hired and worked on The Boxtrolls and finished my animation degree at the same time.